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Jaws (Clean Trailer)
Jaws (Clean Trailer)

2:49 Jaws (Clean Trailer)


  • 1976 - BAFTA Film Awards - Best Actor - nominated
  • 1976 - Writers Guild Awards - Adapted Drama - nominated
  • 1976 - Golden Globe - Best Screenplay - Motion Picture - nominated
  • 1976 - Golden Globe - Best Original Score - Motion Picture - winner

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Roy Scheider
Robert Shaw
Richard Dreyfuss

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1 hr 33 mins
Drama based on real events, as 15 year old Layla becomes embroiled in gang activity, and must set up a boy in love with her to be killed.
2014 NR Drama, Suspense, Other

Hidden Love

1 hr 35 mins
Acclaimed actress Isabelle Huppert stars in this downbeat tale of a suicidal mental patient trapped in an endless maze of despair following the death of her only child. Initially raised in an acrid household, later locked into a dicey marriage, and ultimately saddled with a daughter she never wanted, Danielle attempts to take her own life multiple times before doctors are left with no other choice than to lock her away for the sake of her own safety. Not even sympathetic psychiatrist Dr. Neilson (Greta Scacchi) seems able to break through to the stoic patient whose hollow gaze that hints that any hope for salvation has long been lost.
2007 NR Drama, Family


2 hr 4 mins
An enormous great white shark terrorizes a summer resort town, where a police chief, a grizzled fisherman and an intrepid marine biologist realize they're "gonna need a bigger boat" to battle the bloodthirsty beast. An Oscar winner for sound, editing and John Williams' score.
87   Metascore
1975 PG Drama, Horror, Suspense, Action & Adventure, Other

28 Days Later

1 hr 58 mins
Chilling and suspenseful apocalyptic thriller about resourceful Londoners trying to survive a deadly viral outbreak and the flesh-eating zombies it creates.
73   Metascore
2002 R Drama, Horror, Suspense, Science Fiction

The Way

1 hr 55 mins
A grieving father (Martin Sheen) walks a pilgrimage in Europe called the Way of St. James in honor of his late son, who died making the same journey. Along the way, he befriends people from around the world and experiences a profound epiphany.
64   Metascore
2011 PG13 Travel, Drama, Action & Adventure, Other

Open Range

2 hr 19 mins
An elegiac Western about cowboys who run afoul of a brutal land baron. Look for a riveting OK Corral-style gun battle between the cowboys and the landowner's hired guns.
67   Metascore
2003 R Drama, Other

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